All About Bonds

Federal, state, and local governments and agencies require surety bonds in order to manage risk on construction projects and protect taxpayer dollars. Private project owners also stipulate bonding requirements on their projects, and general contractors may require subcontractors to obtain bonds. In today’s competitive construction environment, having strong surety support has a significant effect on the contractor’s ability to acquire work.

At BCA Insurance Group, we provide that critical bond support. We have a knowledgeable, experienced staff to assist both large and small contractors, and our ability to utilize various bond markets helps us obtain the bonding that contractors require. What’s more, our surety team can provide:

  • Assistance in financial analysis, planning and specification review
  • Pre-qualification and licensing assistance
  • Project feasibility
  • Project financing verification
  • Subcontractor review and credit reports
  • Timely and accurate bond preparation
  • Year-end financial planning to maximize your surety program
  • Review of your references
  • Financial strength analysis
  • Evaluation of the four C's: Character, Continuity, Capital and Capacity
  • Just ask.....we can do more

The type of bond you secure depends on what you are doing and where you are doing it. Once we have collected your financials and verified your references and reputation, we can use this "resume" for all your future bonding needs.

Our portfolio of construction and surety bonds includes:

  1. Contract Bonds
    1. Bid
    2. Performance
    3. Payment
    4. Labor & Materials
    5. Maintenance
  2. Site Performance Bonds
    1. New Developments
    2. Individual Lots
  3. Commercial Surety Bonds
    1. License & Permit
  4. Court Bonds
    1. Probate Bonds
  5. Miscellaneous Bonds
    1. License
    2. Permit
    3. Street Opening
    4. Subdivision
    5. Mortgage Broker
    6. Notary
    7. Motor Vehicle Dealer
    8. Tax