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If you have just experienced a accident and need to submit a claim, please call your carrier directly and get the process started and we will gladly help you along the way. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for your carrier information. If you would like assistance with filing the claim, please click on the file a claim button, we are always pleased to work with you.

As your independent agent, we’ll do our best to make your claim experience a smooth one.

  • To begin, please contact the insurance company directly to put them on notice of the claim. We will then be notified of your claim by the insurance company.
  • If you have a claim and would like our assistance, we will be happy to speak with you. In most cases, you will need to speak directly with the Insurance Carrier to report the details but we can help to make sure that your claim is processed correctly. Simply contact our nearest office for assistance.
  • After your claim is processed, we will follow-up with you to ask about your experience and make sure you were treated well.

If think you’re not being treated fairly, need some help along the way or want to share your positive experience with us, just let us know! We’re always here for you.

I need to file a claim

File a Claim

If you have Home Damage whether it be Fire, Water or Mold, call one of the companies below to help contain and minimize your losses. They will help with the clean up and the insurance companies will often pay the bill for you.

ServPro 1-800-SERVPRO

Service Master 1-877-803-9940

Rainbow International Restoration 1-855-724-6269

Seaboard Building & Restoration, Inc.  1-856-534-0132

Carrier Contacts

If you do not see your carrier listed please contact our office 1-609-645-1700


1-888-760-9195 [email protected]


1-800-728-7028 [email protected]

Cabrillo Coastal

1-866-482-5246 [email protected]


1-877-262-2727 [email protected]

Eastern Alliance

1-855-533-3444 [email protected]

Farmers of Salem

1-856-935-1851 or 1-800-498-0954 [email protected]


1-800-435-7764 [email protected]


1-800-421-3535 [email protected]

Hartford EBC

1-800-327-3636 [email protected]

Hartford Flood

1-800-759-8656  [email protected]

Liberty Mutual

1-800-225-2467 (auto) 1-800-362-0000 (commercial)

[email protected]

Merchants Insurance

1-800-462-1077 [email protected]

National General 1-800-325-1088


1-800-421-3535 [email protected] 

Palisades / Plymouth Rock

1-877-725-6423 [email protected]

Preferred Mutual

1-800-333-7642 [email protected]

Progressive Ins. Co. /Parkway 1-800-229-1590


1-866-455-9969 [email protected]


1-800-238-6225 [email protected]

UPC Insurance

1-888-256-3378 [email protected]

Wright Flood 1-800-725-9472