Commercial Insurance in New Jersey

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Business owners know the importance of protecting their most valued assets with the proper commercial insurance coverage. Your agent in New Jersey will help you select the policy that best fits your New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania business.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Usually, an agent writes the business policy to ensure all aspects of their business are covered. This includes property, vehicles, liability, and employees.


Commercial property insurance is an important part of your insurance package. If you have a building in which you do work or own multiple locations, then you will want to make sure you have adequate coverage for the property. This includes ample coverage for fire, theft, or acts of nature. For business owners who work out of their house, your agent can include special coverage for your work equipment.

Commercial Auto

You will need to insure your work vehicles with comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. Some businesses use cars as a part of the job, such as contractors. In these cases, you will want a specific commercial policy on the vehicles. Speak to your insurance agent in New Jersey to explain the nature of your work and to ensure you have the right type of protection for your vehicles.

Liability Insurance

There are different areas of liability in Marlton and Northfield, NJ. Professional liability will cover you if your service or product harms someone. Depending on what type of business you have, this can be customized to fit your industry. Liability insurance also covers you if your product causes any damage or harm to anyone. Finally, if you're sued because someone is injured on your premises, liability insurance provides protection.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Business owners understand the need for worker's compensation insurance when hiring new employees. This will cover costs if your employee is injured on the job, whether it's a small injury or results in disability.

At BCA Insurance Group in Marlton and Northfield, NJ, we offer a wide range of customized options for your business. Whatever industry you are in, we can customize coverage and limits so that you are protected, yet not pay more than you need. Contact us today for a quote. BCA Insurance Group is ready to serve you.