Our Pledge to our Commercial Lines Clients

At BCA Insurance Group, it’s our commitment to provide our clients with essential information about their policy. We pledge that prior to renewal we will contact you to review your:

  • Exposure
  • Claims
  • Coverage
  • The Marketplace

 This pledge highlights the business practices and values our firm has adhered to since our partnership began.  At BCA, our committed team brings knowledge, experience and integrity to our clients.

How We Fulfill Our Pledge

It is our commitment to structure programs and coverage that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our distinctive approach details the following:


Exposure Review

In order to provide the ideal and most cost-effective coverage, an in-depth analysis is conducted and risks are assessed for the upcoming year.

Our team probes for the very specifics of your business assets.

We ask questions, such as the details of your operations, personnel, equipment, and services/products sold. We consider regional and marketplace variances, industry regulations, and environmental factors.


Claims Review

A policyholder’s claim history weighs heavily on the cost of coverage. At BCA, we are your claim advocates. We make sure your claim history is relayed accurately to the underwriters, as it tells a story about your business.

Understanding and communicating your claim history is essential to making sure your policy coverage reflects your needs.

In order to properly frame that story, we ask the following questions:

  • How many claims have you had in the past? What were the details of those claims?
  • How much was paid out and/or how much is in reserve?
  • How has your claim history impacted the way you run your business

Our clients tell us that one of the strongest benefits to working with BCA is our commitment to claims advocacy. We thoroughly review our clients’ insurance policies, so in the event of a loss, you know what to expect.

Coverage Review

Each year, BCA reviews your policies to make sure your coverage reflects your needs for the future.

You can rest assured, knowing that BCA is working for you.

Annual reviews are conducted to make sure the carriers and levels of coverage are a good match for your needs - and competitively priced. While we don’t believe in change ‘for-the-sake-of-change,’ our team presents alternatives to our clients if we think it’s warranted.

During this time, we ask our clients the following questions:

  • Has anything changed about your business?
  • Did you add or reduce locations or services?
  • Has your payroll expanded or reduced?
  • Are the deductibles on your existing policies still adequate in terms of a potential loss?


Marketplace Review

The insurance market is dynamic and changes for many reasons. It is our pledge to stay ahead of those changes in order to ensure you get the coverage and services you need to protect your business and personal assets.

BCA consistently scans the marketplace for changes in:

  • General market fluctuations with attention to your specific industry
  • Regional regulations and environmental changes, from new laws to weather-related precautions
  • Claim trends such as workers compensation and loss of income claims
  • New liability concerns, such as sexual harassment and cyber security