Brett Balsley

Brett Balsley is the president of BCA. This high performing executive, insurance broker and advisor has been an expert in customizing insurance products for the past 30 years.

His leadership mettle was tested early in 1997. While being groomed to take over the largest real estate agency in Atlantic County, his father passed away suddenly. Despite having the family business bought right out from under him, the executive responded by starting his own firm. He has since grown the company from a small local agency to a mid-sized regional firm sought out by national and international clients.

Brett’s proven strength and track record for building and developing a highly regarded brokerage firm helped him attract equally qualified insurance experts to grow the agency even further.

With fellow professionals Larry Cohen and Nick Cashan joining the agency, Brett’s firm has been successful in diversifying its offerings. They are the well-trusted agency that pledges to put their commercial and residential clients’ needs first.

Brett’s success ultimately stems from the fact that he treats clients like they are family. He has always provided products, services and advice as if they are members of his own family. Developing close personal relationships with clients are hallmarks of BCA’s philosophy, one built on trust and responsiveness.

So much so that Brett and his team formalized a pledge, which mirrors their longstanding business values. Our Pledge states that BCA will always work on behalf of clients by regularly reviewing their exposures, claims, coverage and the marketplace to ensure they are getting the products and services they need most.

In his spare time, Brett sits on multiple insurance company councils. He is active in his community by serving on the Board of Directors for Shore Health Enterprises of Shore Memorial Hospital, the Ethics Committee of Shore Memorial Hospital and various local charity organizations and committees. For fun, Brett enjoys working out, snow skiing, golfing and spending time with his wife Shannon and two young daughters.