Lawrence Cohen

Lawrence Cohen

Executive Vice President

Lawrence Cohen has been executive vice president and a partner at BCA Insurance Group since 2012. An expert insurance services executive, Larry has delivered well-designed and thoughtful solutions for his clients worldwide for the past 30 years.

Major clients who require highly strategic, innovative answers seek Larry’s counsel and services. He navigates the intricacies of complex terms and policies and provides risk management advice that helps his clients reduce costs, while offering effective coverage and services.

As a partner in the BCA Insurance Group, he is responsible for attracting and retaining middle market clients by taking growth initiatives, such as the recent strategic affiliation with Saratoga Benefit Services. This was created to expand their capabilities in the employee benefits arena, while providing the same caliber of service that BCA offers their insurance risk-management clients.

Larry has a proven track record of scaling up organizations. Since joining BCA, the firm has more than doubled their client base. To ensure the agency is able to grow and serve them, Larry helped cultivate a dedicated workforce and tripled its size from eight employees to 21. This expansion has required a precise attention to detail and dedication to integrity - qualities Larry has maintained his entire professional life. He takes pride in the firm’s utmost respect for every client and employee, and the insurance companies with whom they work.

This dedication is the premise behind Our Pledge, which is an expression of what the agency and principals have long practiced. That pledge states that BCA will always work on behalf of clients by regularly reviewing their exposures, claims, coverage and the marketplace to ensure they are helping their clients achieve their goals and protecting their assets.

In his down time, Larry shares his expertise while serving on two boards: The Advisory Board of Stockton University School of Business and the New Jersey Carnival and Amusement Safety Board. When he takes a rare break from work, he spends time engaging in cross-fit training.