Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen

Commercial Insurance Broker

When a colleague suggested that Mark’s former teaching skills would help make him a successful insurance broker, he was skeptical at first. But when he thought about the skillset that made him a good teacher - the ability to listen, educate and communicate -he realized he could put those same abilities to use in helping businesses.

His colleague was right. Since becoming an insurance professional and risk management specialist six years ago, Mark has been able to put his teaching skills to work on behalf of his clients. Mark’s ability to listen, study and provide business leaders with in-depth guidance is what makes him a trusted professional.

Mark works with middle market clients such as professional services, restaurants, and the construction industry, operating successful and often intricate businesses. While experienced in their own fields, many of them do not fully understand the complexities of insurance – and the repercussions of not being adequately protected.

Like preparing to ace a test, Mark makes sure his clients are properly prepared for what lies ahead. Mark and the BCA Team use its "total cost of risk" (TCR) approach to assess their needs, and then makes knowledgeable and competitively priced recommendations.

Our Pledge. As a professional with BCA Insurance Group, Mark is committed to providing his clients with essential information about their policies. As part of BCA’s pledge to their clients, Mark contacts his clients to review their:

  • Exposures
  • Claims
  • Coverage
  • The Marketplace


Coordinating with the BCA team, Mark always stays abreast of marketplace trends and keeps his clients informed of any within their particular industry