Nick Cashan

Nick Cashan

VP/Resident Partner

Nick Cashan brings more than 40 years of strategic risk-management solutions to his role as Resident Partner of BCA’s Marlton office.  A leader and expert, Nick guides the BCA team to solve complex problems for his middle market clients to meet the needs of their operations.

Growing up in a family-owned, insurance brokerage firm that he helped grow, Nick’s entrepreneurial nature summoned him to venture out to take another approach that better fit his aspirations. The well-seasoned broker joined BCA, a privately held, regional firm, because he wanted to work in a less restrictive environment with a firm that could be more nimble and creative, while providing hands-on service to its clients.


Nick works to understand the nuances of how his clients’ businesses work, the fundamentals about their products/services, their aversion to risk and their company culture. He takes that knowledge and delivers alternative solutions that help his clients achieve their goals, while protecting their assets.

Our Pledge of regularly reviewing their client’s policies to assess their exposures, claims, coverage and the marketplace is in keeping with Nick’s values of working on his clients behalf, 24-7.

When not working with clients, Nick serves his community with the Atlantic Cape Community College Foundation Board or with initiatives he proposes for the Hammonton Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, Nick is testing out his new 5-iron at the driving range and, of course, spending time with his wife Linda and three grown children who have successfully settled in their respective careers.